Worlds First Mobile Bakery

Jan 19, 2017


Here are the facts on this monster mobile bakery’s capability:

  • Can produce 1,000 freshly baked pies per hour
  • Cooks 800kg of roast at one time
  • 100L of meat cooked every 40 minutes
  • 3,000L of water on board
  • Feeds 4,000 people without restocking
  • Holds 4 pallets of food stock
  • Has 2 cold rooms and a freezer built-in
  • The mobile bakery trailer is 48ft long
  • First Mobile Bakery in the WORLD!

This monster bakery truck has it all, and the local boys behind the idea, Jim and Dennis Smith, are looking forward to being part of this year's 2017 Allora Heritage Weekend.

The Mobile Bakery will soon be hitting the roads across Australia serving delicious pies up at major festivals and events. Smith’s Pies flavours include meat and vegetable, pepper steak, curry, bacon and cheese, mushy pea and potato top. So you better get in quick to see and taste from the World’s First Mobile Bakery on 28th and 29th January at the AHW.

Asked why he created the world’s first mobile bakery? Jim quickly replies Cause I’m Silly’, before then sharing two stories. The first about their own personal experience of lining up at a well-known event (outside of our region) for over 45 minutes to receive a measly piece of pizza costing $12. The second because Jim, in his retirement, helped out at a fundraiser for apprentice bakers at the Sydney Show and realised that few folk these days have had the pleasure of a freshly baked pie straight out of the oven, and people loved them.

Local politicians attending the business launch last month in Goondiwindi, including State member Lawrence Springborg, not only because they love a good pie, and love seeing local businesses do great things, but also the potential of this truck to provide a service during times of natural disasters. Being able to provide a meal for 4000 people purely from the stock on-board is unheard of in the past.

So come along, check out this sensational mobile bakery, celebrate local entrepreneurship and enjoy one of Australia’s most iconic national dishes, the meat pie.

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Details and photos above - used by permission from Jim Smith

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